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Switching Over with SmartTVBox

More now than ever, people are taking the power into their own hands, embracing new technology to stay entertained.

Individuals can save countless hours by choosing to watch what they want, when they want, rather than rely on service providers and network schedules to choose their entertainment for them.

Written by philip
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Live Sports on SmartTVBox

A smart box is the new way to enjoy all your entertainment, and nothing gets emotions flaring quite like seeing your favourite team play live. Time seems to slow down, every second counts, and you’ll end up either ecstatic or heartbroken.

Apps to stream sports live are in huge demand, and we hand pick add-ons for Celtic Kodi to deliver high-quality picture. Be it footy, MMA or racing,we focus on keeping people happy with the ultimate entertainment experience and live sports streams.

Written by philip
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Face Your Fear -

The word is spreading about Smart TV Boxes, versatile Android devices that are the next evolution in home entertainment. While many people have happily jumped in and transformed their TV and movie experience, many remain on the fence or are otherwise convinced a Smart TV Box isn’t for them. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

Written by philip
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We recently distributed a survey aimed at learning about our customers’ usage habits. We hope to use this information to get to know the typical usage scenarios of the boxes by our customers, fulfil any needs of the customer, avoid missed opportunities and to improve our service overall in the long term.

Written by philip
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SmartTVBox's Ultimate Guide to Streaming

This guide will give you an insight into the amazing world of streaming. You have probably heard of a Smart TV Box / Android Box and the phrase “streaming your TV content online”. With so much conflicting advice available on the internet we believe this guide will certainly help to answer your questions, dispel your doubts and clear up any confusion.

Written by philip


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We genuinely want to help you have the best interactive experience with you television. The different platforms the Smart TV Box can achieve are awesome and will make your life more entertaining.


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